Post 26 – Jerri’s Musings #7 – Frequent Flyers

Last night we gifted Emma a trip to India by using some of our frequent flyer miles. When we checked the previous day, the miles were at 90,000. Last night they jumped to 92,466. I did everything I could to not lose control of my senses.

For almost 3 months now, we have been living a dream here in Kolkata. We have a beautiful 2 bedroom flat, live in one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Kolkata, with the greatest produce, fish and flower markets. We have wonderful neighbors who brought me tea when I got sick earlier in the week, who can sing “We Shall Overcome” in Bangla and Hindi, and who greet me on the street.

We have been able to amass a group of remarkable like-minded artists, who call us because they want to discuss a finer point in their project, conversations that morph into discussions about life and art.

I don’t think I’ve been happier than the last couple of months. India has given me the opportunity for intense soul-searching, as well as living a daily life concerned only with my own art, as well as administering a project that will ultimately turn out to be the most important thing that I will ever have done professionally.

We have been living in an artistic bubble, free of financial constraints, thanks to Senator Fulbright. Until last night. I don’t know exactly what it was about that extra 2,466 miles that set me off, but they brought out the financial negotiations of everyday life back in the U.S. And I don’t like it. The familiar anxiety started to settle unto my chest, my brow started to furl – I could feel the arched eyebrows and the ripples on my forehead. Alan and I had a long sit-down, both trying to fight off the demons of quotidian living. We have an important presentation to make this morning and we cannot let ourselves be dragged down.


4 thoughts on “Post 26 – Jerri’s Musings #7 – Frequent Flyers

  1. You will never be the same as you were before this life changing experience, but you will fall back into old patterns that go hand in hand with your lives in the US…let all your new choices be informed by things you have learned there. You can change all your new choices, Unfurl that brow and get ready for Emma! that is so great. You will be back soon and you will find ways to keep India within no matter where you are, it is a spiritual transformation, I look forward to seeing you both take it on! looretta

    • Thanks Loretta! I’m sure Jerri will reply separately via email. Our worry, of course, is that the transformation can be short-lived. Comments like yours remind us that they don’t have to be. Thanks also for your Valentine’s Day card! The same to you!! We are likely to be in NY April or May. Let’s really try to rendezvous. Love, Alan

  2. Your blog and photos enliven my inbox and so many other people’s! And today I just went through the Vivian Maier show again. What you both have already done in your lives is remarkable, wondrous, exciting. You allow those of us who don’t make but only appreciate art a glimpse into that transcendent, creative world. It is no wonder that you worry some times …

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